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Our world has evolved into a digital place that constantly generates data. Everything we do and everything we create produces inconceivable amounts of data with exponential growth. We will soon reach the point where we are generating as much data in one day as we have in our entire history.


Humans try to organize this exponentially growing collection of facts, events, concepts, and assertions into databases for the purposes of storage, retrieval, and analysis. Using search mechanisms, modern AI-based software accesses big data pools and process these for every task from the beginning and the larger the data volume of information, the greater the required processing power, again and again. By doing so, we will never be able to understand and realize the full potential of this data. For this reason, we have to find new approaches and rethink digitalization and data processing.

The human brain links and processes huge amounts of information every second of every day. To do this, it uses neurons that learn, calculate and communicate independently, but are in constant interaction with each other: basically, creating intelligent data.

Based on this, we have developed the C+8 data model in which data organizes itself completely autonomously.

The Quantum Relations Machine we developed is already reading and processing thousands of terabytes of unstructured data, which is immediately archived as intelligent information according to our data model. This results in continuously growing amounts of natively arranged, dynamic structured records that digitally map the real world, its behavior and its correlations.

Little by little, this produces a continuously evolving model of knowledge that is mutually and autonomously associated with incoming information through joint connections, creating a 45-dimensional knowledge network. By opening up new perspectives, we discover unknown correlations and by unbiased analyses performed by machines, we gain new insights, forecasts and decision-making aids at an unprecedented level.

Our first application, “Decision Point,” supports decision makers from the domains of finance and politics by providing precise information and unbiased, fact-based analyses.

In addition, we are developing customized solutions for sophisticated users as well as a Developers API that allows external decision-makers and developers to access our revolutionary data model, letting the entire world benefit from our technology and its wide range of applications.

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