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Who we are.

We understand ourselves as efficient managers of patent based technologies. Our resources comprise capital, expertise and a broad network. Since 1998, we transform selected innovations into marketable concepts.

Within our 20-year history, we learned to understand what new technologies need to be successful. That enables us to perform as an interface to yield selected projects up to peak level in the value creation chain.

What we do.

Acquisition of innovations
Developing marketable concepts
Business planning and start-up management
Finance and controlling
Intellectual property management
Legal and tax support
Design of prototypes and product development
Know-how transfer
Implementation of partners in the value chain
Sales of investments and licenses
Branding and media design
Marketing and public relations

The asset.

To ensure a successful utilization of pioneering innovations, technologies and developments they need capitalization, expertise and strong partners at a very early stage.

This first phase in the life cycle of a business (seed stage) is commonly regarded as the most successful asset class. Early investments allow low entry levels and ratings regarding the acquisition of shares in tomorrow’s technologies.

The network.

Our network partners provide many years of experience in the acquisition, implementation and marketing of new technologies.

This ensures an unfailing deal flow and a profoundly future orientated project pipeline. It also enables us to select from many exciting projects only the most promising ones for our portfolio.

Recent news.

Partner Area.

Management of innovation starts with careful treatment of confidential information.

In the field of intellectual property rights it is of particular importance to keep the know-how of technical development safe and confidential before it has been protected by a patent. This is why we want to make relevant project information available to a carefully selected group of people only.


  • What type of investment opportunities do we offer?

    To our investors we provide within the scope of the statutory exceptions for a prospectus obligation the opportunity to subscribe for yield-oriented investments in early stage technologies. Worldwide and for decades this asset class has been the most successful one. The performance of private equity investments is imposingly proven by the long-term monitoring of the European Venture Capital Association (EVCA Yearbook 2012).

  • What opportunities and risks do these investments entail?

    Elevated chances with manageable risks result from our early involvement in projects that address larger than average markets and contain little risks because of their careful selection and their proprietary protection.
    However, it is part of the nature of corporations which develop future technologies that it often is impossible to foresee when the technology will crack the market. This again is opposed by realistic chances of substantial returns. The MP3 technology, designed by the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, is a good example: It was only after more than 20 years of development, that the technology resulted in profits – but then it was in the billions.
    All our projects contain the potential of grass roots technologies. To benefit there from, we follow a clear strategy regarding the design and the management of our portfolio:

    • On one hand, shares in companies that are in their earliest stages of development will be acquired. This ensures a maximum potential of being profitable.
    • On the other hand, we participate in technologies that already have gone through several years of development and are on the verge of realization. So the risk of a long time-to-market is being substantially reduced and constant turnover can be achieved.
    • Our portfolio consists exclusively of companies that fulfill our strict criteria in regards of diversification, feasibility, team excellence, scalability, safety ethical innocuousness and last but not least profitability.

    So the target companies are primarily capitalized by equity to eliminate the exposure to debts, in may cases they qualify for subsidies, they cater a (sometimes exponentially growing) future market and they are secured by property rights, patents and licenses with long periods of validity. Furthermore this leaves the option to realize infringement opportunities (patent infringement claims) and grants the investor sustainability and great opportunities.

  • How strong are the competitive constraints?

    Due to the complexity of our business model there is no significant competition in regards to our projects in the European market. On top, this situation enables to provide optimum investment conditions to our investors.

  • Where do we get the projects for our portfolio?

    Due to the reputation that Patentpool Group enjoys and the permanent cooperation with the German Institute for Inventions as well as with our numerous industrial partners we are subject to an almost unfailing deal flow. Most of the interesting inventions are being presented to our network at an early stage. This allows a selection of targets that contain considerable synergy potentials throughout.

  • What kind of safety features distinguish our projects?

    Our approach is designed to ensure the maximum possible reduction of risks within a comprehensive package of safety criteria. The key features include:

    • Comprehensive assurance of intellectual property rights
    • Diversification
    • Experienced management
    • Low overheads
    • Equity financing
    • Suitability to subsidies
    • Focusing on future growth markets
    • Application of freeze strategies

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