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Our projects address (future) growth markets and are characterized by patentability. Each of these companies has a compelling opportunity-risk profile and is highly scalable.

Single Atom Technologies

The Nano-Sized Revolution

A team of researchers led by Prof. Dr. Thomas Schimmel, professor at the Institute of Applied Physics at KIT, has succeeded in developing the first functioning single-atom transistor that will save considerable energy in the future. Compared to other transistors, the circuit is controlled by a single metal atom. For the technologically new approach, the scientists have fabricated two tiny metal contacts that can be controlled by a single silver atom.

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Streaming Platform for Interactive 3D Applications

The Arcware 3D.Cloud platform enables the delivery of interactive real-time 3D applications on all current and future end devices. This opens up new and almost limitless possibilities in immersive web design - the front end of the future.

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FrontNow GmbH

Driving Retail Success

FrontNow was founded with the goal of helping consumer goods producers sell their products at retail, while enabling retailers to offer the right products to their local clientele.

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Canify AG

High Quality Cannabis for Medical Use

Canify AG (formerly Bavaria Weed GmbH) is one of the first pharmaceutical companies to hold a manufacturing license for the unlimited import and refinement of cannabis raw materials in the European Union. Thanks to the in-house production, the company is able to acquire cannabis agricultural raw materials from approved manufacturers, to refine them into medical products, to package them and to sell them as pharmaceuticals to German pharmacies.

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Aircoating Technologies

Layers of Air Under Water

The Aircoating technology is a fully patented process for air-retaining and biological surface coating, which was developed on the model of nature, more precisely the water-repellent water moss Salvinia Molesta. The coating can, for example, reduce the frictional resistance of vessels in water, which again can reduce energy consumption and the associated emissions enormously.

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Prisma Analytics

Artificial Intelligence for Big Data Analysis

Prisma Analytics has developed a technology that is able to extract, analyze and correlate a large number of structured and unstructured information from digital sources in real time. Prisma Analytics processes all kinds of Big Data and sources into a fully generalized, completely autonomously acting and absolutely self-organizing data model. This so-called C + 8 data model captures a virtual copy of the real world and its history within a 45-dimensional knowledge network, which can be used to capture opportunities and identify trends.

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The Tosca Project

The Origin of Cloud-Computing

The confirmed patent, in Project Tosca, offers a groundbreaking technical lesson that made different concepts of the early Internet and today's cloud computing possible in the first place. Aspects include secure data communication and server-side web page creation. This is an enabling technology that was illegally used for free by various international companies in the high-tech industry for years.

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Wispr Communication

Encrypted Communication with all Devices

Wispr is an app from the software producer CryptoDATA for encrypted messages, file transfers, calls and video conferences, which secures and encrypts all communication. State-of-the-art technologies ensure that every interaction with other users is protected.

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Micro Wave Ignition

Sustainable Microwave Chamber Ignition for Internal Combustion Engines

MWI technology is a microwave-based chamber ignition process that can be used in all internal combustion engines that are supplied with liquid or gaseous fuel. The technology promises a drastic reduction in fuel consumption (up to 30% achievable) while maintaining full engine performance.

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With our network partners, we have many years of experience in acquisition, implementation and marketing of new technologies, which leads to an inexhaustible deal flow and a project pipeline that directs far into the future.


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