Artificial Intelligence for Big Data Analysis

01 _ About the Project

Prisma Analytics has developed a technology that is able to extract, analyse and relate a wide range of structured and unstructured information from digital sources in real time.


Classical AI solutions operate in a binary world in which programs (usually based on “intelligent” algorithms) analyse data (which is usually stored in databases). This classical AI setup inevitably leads to performance problems: The larger the amount of data, the greater the computing power required. Our new AI solution breaks this paradigm by creating intelligent data. The human brain does not distinguish between databases on the one hand and programmes on the other. Rather, it uses intelligent data (dissected and stored in billions of neurons) that autonomously responds, learns, calculates, thinks, and changes, etc., in a way that is not only intelligent, but also intelligent.


Following this model, Prisma’s AI creates intelligent data and stores it within the patented data model. Based on the “Quantum Relations Principle” of co-founder, visionary and award-winning system architect Hardy F. Schloer, the Quantum Relations Machine (QRM) processes Big Data of all types and sources into a fully generalised, completely autonomous and absolutely self-organising data model, the “C+8 Data Model”. This data model captures a living copy of the real world and its history. For this purpose, thousands of terabytes of information are read in every month, broken down and immediately stored in its own C+8 Data Model. This leads to a constantly growing amount of natively arranged, dynamic data sets, which all associate with each other and independently through common connections based on quantifiable dependencies (causations) and thus reflect the real world exactly as it behaves in reality.

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    October 2016

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    October 2016

  • Board of Directors

    Dr. Heiner Pollert, Hardy F. Schloer

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    Munich, Bucharest, Barcelona

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    IT, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data

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02 _ Highlights



For almost every data-driven industry, our artificial intelligence can be used to generate an in depth understanding of trends and opportunities from Big Data.


The proprietary data model (C+8) makes it possible to perform complex analyses of extremely large data volumes at low cost and at high speed.


The API-based platform approach allows high scalability for the distribution and licensing of the base technology.


Decision Point, the first commercially available application for the financial industry, , is available on the EIKON platform from Refinitiv (formerly Thomson Reuters).


With over 70 developers, experts for AI, linguistics and Big Data, statisticians and access to renowned research institutes, the Prisma Analytics team is well staffed.


Back in 1999 the management and the lead architect of Prisma Analytics have already founded Ravenpack, the current world market leader for sentiment analysis.

"After the development of the revolutionary C + 8 data model has been successfully completed, the development team has now started programming the first monetization options for this technology: In addition to its own flagship application" Decision Point ", Prisma Analytics is generating a developer API for external IT -To give developers license-based access to its revolutionary data model. “

Dr. Heiner Pollert

CEO Patentpool Group

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