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ARCWARE 3D.Cloud is a streaming platform for interactive real-time 3D applications. Modern 3D output formats are no longer limited to image and video, but can provide complete interactive 3D application. This opens up completely new possibilities in a variety of application areas such as virtual product development, virtual training and meetings, or even in the field of teaching and medicine. There are also many fields of application in online sales and marketing, such as interactive product visualizations, photoreal configurators, virtual shopping malls, virtual trade fairs and interactive 3D advertising formats. Here, there are numerous interfaces to the activity of FrontNow GmbH, for example in the presentation of product worlds.


The market for business 3D applications is immensely large, but – despite all the visible potential – it has one catch: It is currently technically almost impossible to make such real-time 3D applications available to a broad mass of people in a scalable way. This is mainly due to two points – halfway sophisticated 3D applications require very large amounts of memory on the corresponding end device of the user, which makes mobile transfers in particular very tedious or even impossible. Secondly, many end devices, such as ultra-mobile notebooks, tablets or smartphones, hardly have the required processor and graphics power to run demanding 3D applications.


There is a logical and obvious solution to this problem: run the applications in a powerful cloud and stream the output to the end device. This is done like a video, but interactively. This is exactly the core idea of the ARCWARE 3D.Cloud platform and at the same time one of the still unsolved technological problems today. With the help of the ARCWARE 3D.Cloud, real-time 3D applications are made accessible in an interactive way via fast and interactive streaming on almost any end device. The complex front-end solutions of Prisma Analytics GmbH should also benefit from this.

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    November 2018

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    January 2021

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    Dimitri Mistetski

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