01 _ About the Project

Canify AG (formerly Bavaria Weed GmbH) is one of the first pharmaceutical companies with a manufacturing licence for the unlimited importation, packaging and market release of raw materials of cannabis in the European Union. Due to the in-house production, the company is able to purchase raw materials of cannabis from approved manufacturers in large quantities, to store them almost indefinitely, and package it as an active ingredient and/or medicine and market it in Europe with their own label or as a third-label product. The company distributes its products to European pharmaceutical wholesalers as well as directly to pharmacies.


Since March 2017, the sale of cannabis for medical purposes has been legal in Germany and is subject to the strict regulations of the Cannabis Agency of the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices, as well as the health authorities of the federal states. Since then, medical cannabis has been available in German pharmacies upon presentation of a prescription. More and more patients are switching from conventional preparations to alternative medicinal cannabis because, unlike conventional painkillers, it is not physically addictive.


The limited number of producers and strains, as well as the legally prescribed shelf life combined with long transport routes mean that hardly any stocks are available in Germany and considerable supply bottlenecks are to be expected, although there is an enormous surplus in demand. The German market offers extremely high growth potential for Canify, as certified production in Germany means that raw materials of cannabis can be imported in correspondingly high quantities, stocked, processed according to demand and thus delivered in real time. Canify will be the first manufacturer to be able to guarantee pharmacies a delivery capability of 24 hours from receipt of order.

  • Company Foundation

    March 2018

  • Partner since

    June 2018

  • Management

    T. Hoffmann, S. Langer, S. Pötzsch

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    Herrsching, Leipheim

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“We have been working with the Patentpool Group from starts, as we had to rely on a strong partner, especially in the seed phase of our company. Patentpool recognized our potential early on in the very young German market. ”

Thomas Hoffmann

CEO & Founder Bavaria Weed

02 _ Highlights

What distinguishes Canify


The rapidly growing German market since the legalization of medical cannabis in 2017 and the pioneering role of Canify in this market creates an extremely competitive business case.


As a medical manufacturer and wholesaler, Canify is subject to the highest production criteria and controls and, by purchasing organically and organically grown raw materials, creates only high-quality cannabis.


Canify's business model is promptly geared towards the in-house production and extraction of CBD and THC.


Our experienced management team is strongly involved in the Canify project and has been supporting the young company since its foundation.


With more than 20 years of experience in management and financing of disruptive technologies, Patentpool is involved as lead investor and provides operational support to the company.

"When we got to know the young company Canify in summer 2018, we knew immediately that this was a unique opportunity with high growth and revenues potential. We ensure that Canify succeeds in entering the relatively young German market."

Dr. Heiner Pollert

CEO Patentpool Group

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